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SEMINAR: "The Abstract Police" with prof. Jan Terpstra

Location: ROOM 4C306 - VUB, Pleinlaan 2 1050 Brussel, Building C, 4th Floor
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JTOver the past years, the police in many Western European countries have made a shift towards a fundamentally different kind of organization. In this talk, Prof.Jan Terpstra analyses this process by introducing the concept of the Abstract Police. Both internally and externally, the police have become more at a distance, more impersonal and formal, less direct, and more decontextualized. The abstract police are less dependent on personal knowledge of officer(s), as this is increasingly being replaced by ‘system knowledge’, framed within the ‘logic’ and categorizations of digital data systems. The transformation of the police is underpinned by new technologies, brings forth potential implications to (human) rights and social exclusion, and raises significant questions as to which research methods are most suitable to research this new developing form of policing. The aim of this seminar to explore how this concept of abstract policing can inspire theorizing and research in other fields of crime control.

The Speaker

Jan Terpstra is professor of criminology at the Radboud University and visiting professor at the Crime & Society Research Group (CRiS) and member of the Advisory Board of the SRP “Crime & Society: New Challenges”. His research and publications focus on policing, public security, policy and governance of public safety and with criminal justice. He is also interested in the dynamics of street-level work of police officers and other front-line officers working in the security sector. Over the past years he has also been involved in international comparative studies on policing and security.


Programme:pdf fileSEMINAR_The Abstract Police_28.11.2019.pdf (170 KB)