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An Nuytiens

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An Nuytiens is a postdoctoral researcher and part-time professor. She coordinates the Interdisciplinary Research Program “Voicing Youth at Social Risk” and is a founding member of the interdisciplinary research group VOIC. She has conducted studies on restorative youth justice, the transfer of juvenile offenders to Adult Court, and youth offenders’ profiles and delinquent pathways. Recently her research interests have been in the area of female offenders, in particular the life histories and criminal careers of female prisoners, the delinquent pathways of girls in the juvenile justice system, gendered pathways to crime and prison, motherhood in prison, and Romani girls in the juvenile justice system.

Research Line: Youth Justice Studies

Knowledge Cluster: Methodological, Ethical and Theoretical Implications


Courses taught at the VUB in 2020- 2021

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Vrije Universiteit Brussel
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