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Impact Assessment of Belgian De-Radicalisation Policies Upon Social Cohesion and Liberties



Description: This project considers the emergent counterterrorism regime in Belgium; its strategic assumptions, knowledge claims, programs, techniques, and effects. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is one of the consortium partners, focussing specifically on the role of the local police within a wider regime of counterterrorism practices. Through desk studies of key policy documents and literature reviews and a range of ethnographies in local police forces, the project will provide enhanced understanding of how counterterrorism police strategy is actually shaped, the knowledges and assumptions that underpin it, the challenges it raises, and the effect counterterrorism policing has, not only on those subjected to counterterrorism strategies, but also on the police and police culture. As such, the project will contribute to the further development of counterterrorism police practice within a democratic framework.

Outputs: Academic publications and evidence-based, and unbiased impact assessment, taking into account the stakeholders’ views

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Fabienne Brion (UCL); Prof. Dr. Sofie De Kimpe (administrative promotor) & Dr. Kristof Verfaillie (scientific promotor) (VUB)

Researchers (from CRiS): Dr. Kristof VerfaillieEstelle Hanard 

Other Parters: ULC, VUB; NICC

Funding: Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO)

Duration: 1/01/2017 - 15/04/2021